no hate networkThis awareness campaign was created as a collaboration between VOO and the Federal Police. For an optimalexperience, visit the website on your computer. Utilise Chrome ou mets à jour ton navigateur pour accéder à l’expérience.
no hate network
This awareness campaign was createdas a collaboration between VOO andthe Federal Police. For an optimalexperience,visit the website on your computer.
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Bullying, humiliations, threats, violence...Cyber bullying affects 1 in 10 children.
This is why, as an Internet and mobile provider,VOO is taking a stand against hate and violence on its networks.
Experience the hell of cyber bullying and join the fight. This website has been translated into English to help spread Louise’s story as far as possible. Visit the original version in French here
Experience cyberbullying
I'm Louise's dad, and what you're about to seeare all the messages my daughter received.

Victim or witness ?

Over the last couple of years, social networks and mobile phones have steadily gained importance in our lives, and along with them a new kind of bullying has presented itself. A kind of bullying that does not end when the school bell rings, but one that goes on night and day and locks victims in an unbearable situation, cyber bullying.

The consequences? Health issues (insomnia, eating disorders...), depression and in the most tragic cases, suicide. Cyber bullying is a real problem and should not be treated lightly. With the right attitude, we can fight this threat together.

If you are faced with this issue either as a victim or a witness, the first step to take is talk to someone about it, to your friends, teachers, parents or a responsible adult. Anonymous, free helplines also exist, such as (in Belgium) 103.

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She receivedhundreds ofmessages a day.
She tried to ignore them at first,hoping they would stop.But they didn't...
At one pointit became unbearable.
Today the messages don't hurt her anymore.On September 3rd 2014, Louise committed suicide.She was 16 years old.She is one of countless victimsclaimed by cyber bullying.
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For my daughter it's too late,but together we can stop these kinds of tragedies from happening.
I'm Louise's dad, and what you're about to seeare all the messages my daughter received.
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Victim or witness ? Seek help here.


An initiative of VOO
In collaboration with the Police Fédérale

1. General

The risks related to cyber crime continue to rise and new threats appear every day. Malware, intrusion, and data theft are just some of today’s challenges.
Guaranteeing the security of data, and in particular the personal data of its Customers is a major priority for VOO. For this reason, VOO makes every effort to protect the private data of its Customers.
Reading the present privacy policy you will see that VOO respects not only the statutory provisions in this respect, but the company is also committed ethically and morally to providing its customers the best possible security.

2. Collected personal data

Personal data refers to any information that concerns a physical person who may or may not be identified. VOO collects and processes the following categories of its Customers’ personal data: Administrative data. For example: name, first name, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.
- Technical data. For example: the model and number of the decoder, IP address, etc.

- Data relating to the use of VOO services. For example: the frequency and the duration of calls, the address of visited sites, films ordered in the VOO catalogue, etc.

- Socio-demographic data.
The personal data collected are stored in the files of VOO. Personal data is collected fairly and lawfully. These personal data are either given to us directly by the Customer or through a third party, or they are collected during the use of VOO’s services by the Customer. VOO respects the confidentiality of electronic communications and is not aware of information traffic on its network, nor the identity of the parties involved in the communication, nor the communication data, except in cases provided by law.

3. Purposes for which personal data is processed

Personal data is processed by VOO for the following purposes:  - ensure the fulfilment of the terms of the Contract;
- manage the customer database;
- conduct market research and establish usage profiles;
- detect fraud;
- provide information about and/or promote its products and services, those of the companies in its group and/or those of its commercial partners;

- improve its products and services;
- comply with legal obligations;
In compliance with the statutory provisions, VOO has declared said processing of personal data with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

4. Conservation

VOO has adopted a strict security policy. In order to guarantee the security of its Customers’ personal data, VOO takes every possible technical and organisational measure required to protect the data from accidental or unauthorised destruction, from accidental loss and from unauthorised modifications, access and processing.

5. Storage

These measures are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure maximum protection of Customers’ personal data. VOO also has specialised personnel who ensure that VOO’s security policy is respected and that current statutory provisions regarding privacy are also respected. VOO also carries out regular audits to ensure that these regulations are respected. VOO ensures that its employees and workers process their Customers’ personal data in a strictly confidential manner. Access permissions to Customers’ personal data are only given to employees and workers who need it to perform their tasks. VOO also takes all the necessary measures to ensure their employees and workers respect the confidentiality of electronic communications as mentioned in item 2. General Terms and Conditions VOO - July 2015 5 VOO shall inform Customers immediately if personal data has been violated in such a way that it may affect their privacy.

6. Data transmission

VOO may transmit Customers’ personal data to sub-contractors or to third parties that the company collaborates with. These sub-contractors and third parties have access to these personal data, limited for the former to performing their tasks, and for the latter to the extent of the collaboration. VOO ensures that these sub-contractors take the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data of its Customers to which they have access. VOO may share Customers’ personal data with companies belonging to the group to inform the Customer about products and services offered by these companies. VOO may also communicate to the companies belonging to the group, the data relating to their Customers’ solvency in order to protect the interests of the group. VOO transmits certain personal data (name, first name, and connection address) of the Customer to the relevant services if he wants his phone number(s) to appear in the directories and/ or the database of the general information service. Besides in the aforementioned cases, VOO never communicates its Customers’ personal data to third parties, except to meet legal obligations or when requested explicitly by the judicial authorities or the police.

7. Rights of the person in question

The Customer has the right: - to freely choose the channel(s) (e-mail, SMS, phone or mail) via which he will be contacted by VOO for direct marketing purposes;
- to ask VOO to remove his details from directories and/or the database of the general information service;
- to consult at all times personal data that VOO keeps about him and to ask that incorrect or incomplete data is corrected;
- to ask that his personal data are deleted from VOO’s database so he is no longer contacted for direct marketing purposes. All requests to correct or delete personal data must be made by the Customer in writing, signed and together with a copy of his identity card to VOO, rue Jean Jaurès, 46, 4430 Ans. To exercise his rights, the Customer may contact VOO by e-mail:, by phone: 078/50.50.50 or by regular mail: Customer Services VOO, Rue Jean Jaurès, 46, 4430 Ans. If the Customer does not want his phone number(s) to be used for direct marketing purposes, he can also contact BDMA by mail:
Noordkustlaan 1 - 1702 Grand Bigard, by e-mail: or by phone: 0800 40 440. Customer who do not want their personal data to be used to receive personalised TV recommendations from VOO can deactivate this option on the decoder menu.

8. Website

VOO records all information about connections made by visitors to the VOO website and about the software used to visit the website. This information also includes the visitor’s IP address, the time when the VOO website is visited, the type of browser used by the visitor and the pages he visits. These connection data are used by VOO for statistics, to improve the quality of the website and personalise product and service offerings. VOO may identify the visitor’s IP address and link it to personal data that the company has when the visitor is a Customer. VOO uses cookies on its website. Cookies are information components that are downloaded to the hard disk of every visitor’s computer, each time they visit the VOO website. The cookies that VOO issues makes it possible:
- to generate statistics and frequency volumes and usage of the various elements on the website (visited sections and content, navigation, etc.) with the intention to improve the website;
- to adapt the website presentation to the preferences of the visitor (language, etc.) and personalise the browsing experience;br> - to provide secure identity control for the Customer (access to his account, contents of order baskets, etc. );
- to adapt the company’s advertising to the visitor’s browsing habits and propose offerings that better match his interests.
The visitor can refuse cookies at all times by adapting the settings in his browser. VOO recommends browsing the Internet with a recent browser that is safer and will allow you to effortlessly set your cookies management according to your preferences,

for example:
- Google Chrome (versions 21 and later): cookies management page
- Mozilla Firefox (versions 14 and later): instructions for cookies management
- Internet Explorer (Windows only, versions 9 and later): cookies management page
- Apple Safari (Apple computer only, versions 6 and later): instructions for Safari
The VOO website may contain hyperlinks to other websites which are not managed by VOO. If the visitor visits these websites, VOO recommends to carefully read their privacy policy. VOO shall not be held liable for the policy or acts of the owners of these third-party website.

9. Applicable statutory provisions

For more information about the protection of privacy and the applicable statutory regulations, the Customer may contact the Commission for the Protection of Privacy:

10. Miscellaneous

For this privacy policy, «VOO» refers to the following legal entities: NETHYS SA, whose headquarters are located at Rue Louvrex, 95 4000 Liège, company registration number 0465.607.720, and BRUTELE SCIRL whose headquarters are located at Rue de Naples 29 1050 Ixelles, company registration number 0205.954.655, each company acting for the geographical area it covers. The present privacy policy is not part of VOO’s General Terms and Conditions. It is subject to change in order to accommodate new developments in the protection of privacy. VOO recommends that Customers consult the current privacy policy regularly.

Cyber bullying: a living nightmare

As an Internet and mobile provider, VOO is more concerned than ever about cyber bullying and its terrible consequences. As a result, and in collaboration with the Federal Police, VOO is committed to doing whatever it can to put a stop to this dangerous threat.

We were particularly moved by the stories of the victims, the number of which has been rising steadily over the past couple of years. Sixteen-year-old Louise took her own life after having to endure the inexplicable hate of numerous bullies behind their screens.

«You think you're pretty, but you're ugly and stupid, you should just hang yourself». According to her friends, these are the kind of messages Louise received every day.

She did not tell her parents but rather kept it to herself and tried to fight the bullies off until the day it all became too much. Louise decided to end the suffering by taking her own life on September 3rd 2014. Her story is similar to many others; 1 in 10 teenagers becomes a victim of cyber bullying. Many teenagers are afraid to talk about it because they are ashamed. It is, however, important to tell someone in order to find help.

We are aware that it will be difficult to put a complete stop to this complex phenomenon. Nevertheless, we are convinced that, with your help and thanks to the commitment to respect in our manifesto, we can guarantee a hate-free online and mobile network. This is why your signature is so important.

no hate network